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Insuring Houston, TX Contractors

General contractors face unique challenges and risks in their line of work. Therefore, they often require insurance protection that prepares and reduces the cost of lost production, materials, etc. in the event of unforeseen circumstances, accidents, and other related calamities.

Insurance tailored for builders also helps contractors keep their projects running smoothly. In most states, this form of protection is required for bonding, and for a business license to be issued.



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Why Contractors & Builders Insurance?

More than half of contractors report that professional positions (e.g. estimators, engineers, foremen, project supervisors, etc.) can be difficult to fill.

Additionally, issues with order adjustments, contract administration, and deadlines can often present further challenges. All of these potential pitfalls underscore the need for this coverage and why it is important to have a skilled insurer who can handle complex indemnity, workplace insured claims, and contractual exposures in the construction and general contracting industry.


Understanding Builders & Contractors Coverage

Get Coverage Where It’s Most Beneficial

Contractors who could benefit the most from this type of protection include those in the following industries:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Mixed-Use
  • Many Other Related Industries


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Contractors and Builders insurance can benefit multi-state, international, and local contractors.

If you own or operate a corporation and/or business that falls under these guidelines or wonder if your legal entity could benefit from this coverage, don’t hesitate to contact Insurance Corner for Business at 713-322-6646.

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