Insurance for Emerging Risks

Protecting Businesses From New Risks

Emerging Risks Insurance is a specialized type of insurance that offers coverage from a cyber liability, network security, and privacy/data-breach aspect on all fronts. Coverage for this type of policy is various in scope and definition.

Some of the many facets of this form of coverage are that it offers a range of protections from casualty to business interruption to network security, privacy, & operations to network extortion and beyond.



In our modern era, the information age, a coverage option of this kind may be ideal, and welcomed for some businesses who operate in the tech space. Emerging Risks can be literally any sort of risk that can pose a threat to many different targeted classes as a rule. Therefore, this policy type is broad in description, and also varied in what it can cover in definition from a cyber liability stance that can encompass numerous classes in description.

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Modern Coverage for a High-Tect World

Emerging Risk Insurance features admitted and non-admitted carriers, is available in all states, and has limits of up to $25M.

It’s also exclusive insurance that offers drone insurance as well. Drone insurance has multiple coverage available that depend on the nature of drone use, and the business itself.

Understanding Coverage Options

Some of the coverage options include the following;

  • casualty,
  • property,
  • product liability,
  • inland marine,
  • personal injury,
  • and advertising injury.

Emerging Risk policies are written in all states and carry policy limits of up to $1,000,000. Terms & Conditions are customized based on the needs of the business.


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