Environmental Coverage

Stop Gap Protection for Your Business

Environmental coverage is intended as “stop gap” protection for loopholes present in property and liability insurance policies.

This form of protection can vary greatly because the exclusions in coverage for property and liability policies are also very different.

Nearly any form of legal corporation and/or business can obtain coverage for unforeseen circumstances via an environment insurance policy.



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Understanding Environmental Coverages

Environmental CoverageWhile incidences of this type of unforeseen event may be rare, these events when they do occur, however, are often catastrophic, large-scale, involved, and extremely expensive. The BP oil disaster is an example of massive damages, but the situation need not be as large to be catastrophic.

General liability policies rarely cover unexpected or “act of God” conditions for which a company or corporation may be held responsible.

Circumstances that might fall under this purview include a release of pre-existing pollutants at a work site or discharge of pollutants in the area, as well as many other contingencies.

Moreover, these complications may be sudden and/or unexpected or they could develop over time.

Who Needs Environmental Coverage?

Businesses or corporations that could benefit from this type of protection include:

  • Alternative Energy (e.g. Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, etc.)
  • Labs
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Medical Technology
  • Clean Technology Installation
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Food Distribution
  • Publishing & Printers
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors (e.g. Electrical, General Contractors, Excavation, Fire Sprinkler, Infrastructure, Bridge, Concrete and/or Masonry, etc.)

If you’re the manager or owner of a Houston area business that may benefit from taking advantage of various environmental coverage options, call Insurance Corner for Business at 713-322-6646 or by sending us a message.

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