Inland Marine Insurance

Insurance for Property & Equipment in Transit

Transporting goods and equipment is risky as a number of accidents and natural disasters can occur, creating circumstances for damages.

With our inability to control environmental conditions or to predict the unforeseen, not to mention Houston traffic, property that’s on the move is always at risk. Even international shipments remain at risk when being transferred over land and isn’t usually covered by traditional ocean marine and other forms of business property insurance.



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Why Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine insurance adds the security of protection for organizations that need coverage for goods being moved by land.

Having coverage for valuable property, equipment, and merchandise being transferred in this manner is a cost-effective decision in the event of an unforeseen circumstance which can damage or destroy said valuables. Without such coverage, a business organization leaves itself exposed to costly risks which could be avoided.

Coverage for your Business’s Assets

Small companies and large corporations will realize the benefit of coverage for a wide range of different goods, including musical instruments, sporting equipment, computers, fine art, and almost any item that could be associated with your commercial interests.

Understanding Inland Marine Coverage

Inland Marine policies offers more protections that most business owners are aware of. Listed below are some of the most beneficial components of Inland Marine insurance policies.

  • Builder’s Risk: Offers coverage for materials and structures during remodels, renovations, and new projects.
  • Bailee’s Customer: Provides insurance protection for client property left in the care of your business.
  • Jewelers Block: Insurance for jewelers.
  • Motor Truck Cargo: Protect your clients’ good as they’re delivered.
  • Contractors Equipment: Insurance coverage for equipment, machinery, and other tools that may be used on work sites. Your storage facility is also covered, in addition to transit to and from the job site.
  • Pawnbroker Coverage
  • Fine Art Floaters: Have items on display for exhibition, in transit, or on loan? There’s insurance coverage for that.
  • Riggers Liability
  • Animal Mortality
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability
  • Commercial Computer: Protect corporate computers, servers, and laptops.
  • Warehousemen’s Legal


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Inland marine insurance policies are available in stand-alone packages as well in comprehensive coverage plans.

Our team would like to “earn” your business, and will work diligently for the package that best suits the needs of your company in particular.

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