Liquor Liability Insurance

Insuring Houston Area Bar Owners

When you’re running a business that serves alcohol, purchasing liquor liability insurance is essential to keeping your doors open. Texans are known for drinking, and when people consume alcohol there’s always a risk of damages and/or injuries. Think “bar fights”. 

Purchasing liquor liability insurance allows you to keep your business covered in the event your customer’s actions turn for the worse while they’re drinking.



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Liquor is Lucrative, Worth Insuring

Owning a commercial establishment that sells liquor can be a very lucrative business endeavor. As with any great investment, it’s an investment that must be protected.

With liquor liability insurance, your business will be protected from any large financial losses that could arise as a result of the business serving liquor to patrons who may not be the most responsible.

We Cover…

  • Bars & Pool Halls
  • Restaurants
  • Strip Clubs
  • Night Clubs
  • Wine Bars
  • Liquor Stores
  • Sports Bars

Drunk Customers Can Be Unpredictable

And Bad For Business

If a customer gets rowdy, starts fighting, and causes damages, your business interests will be protected and shielded from liability. If a melee occurs, and a customer is personally injured, your business will enjoy the protections of liquor liability insurance.

Even in the event that something bad happened to a customer after they’ve left your establishment under the influence of alcohol, your business is covered.

Protection from Legal Liability

It is not uncommon for some law firms to pursue and attempt to hold the business responsible for someone who was injured due to intoxication on the grounds that the business who served the person the liquor allowed them to become intoxicated.

Thus, the assumption that the business who served the patron should take part in sharing fault, will entice legal action.

A comprehensive liquor liabiltiy insurance policy will provide coverage in such situations.

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