Manufacturers & Distributors

Houston, Texas, and all of Texas, is a great place when it comes to producing goods and services. However, at the same time, there are numerous domestic manufacturers who must protect their business. Because, to be honest, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Any manufacturers and distributors that don’t have manufacturers and distributors insurance is putting their business at risk. Manufacturers & Distributors insurance does keep your company safe from any liability issues that may pop up unexpectedly. The best offense is a good defense. Therefore, every manufacturer and distributor in Texas, should make sure to have this kind of specialized insurance coverage. It’s as simple as that.


What is **Manufacturers & Distributors** insurance? Manufacturers and Distributors Insurance is a form of commercial insurance that is product liability in description and that can vary in category depending on a specific organization’s requirements for it overall. There is a maze of coverage that is available for this specific insurance and can range from hazardous chemicals and pollution liability to cyber liability to product liability insurance. The kind of Manufacturers & Distributors Insurance that you do get for your business is determined by one thing and that thing is this. It will be the type of insurance that best defines your particular operation and what that particular operation does need from a manufacturers and distributors insurance coverage aspect. Since no two businesses are the same, neither will be, the kind of liability insurance that they will need the most as well.


Product liability insurance is something that can cover manufacturers, distributors, installers, and importers of products. Some of the varying industries that can use this kind of manufacturers & distributors insurance do include industrial, chemical, medical equipment, health and fitness, nanotechnology, and much more.