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Purchasing and owning property, no matter how big or small, is a costly investment deserving of protection. Accidents and disasters occur often, making securing a coverage plan a smart business move.

Property insurance will keep your commercial business protected from financial loss. In the event of damages, you’ll to repair or replace items without bankrupting your business in the process. This is where property coverage kicks in.



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Understanding Property Insurance

A Property Insurance Policy will cover your business in the event of fire, theft, hail, tornado or hurricane damage.

Natural Disaster & Weather Coverage

Natural disasters can also cause devastating damages and, with Houston prone to flooding, hail damage from related storms is a real possibility.

If there’s a tornado that damages your uninsured business, you would have to pay every penny of repair costs out of your own pocket, which could send you into a financial ruin and threaten your ability to conduct business.

 A property insurance plan from Insurance Corner for Business will protect you from such unforeseen circumstances.

Theft Insurance

Theft is one of the most common occurrences that Houston business owners must protect themselves from. Property Insurance policies written by Insurance Corner for Business can include coverage for theft related events, in addition to other forms of damages for all classes of businesses.

Targeted Classifications

Hospitality Insurance

  • Any Capacity – Large Schedules
  • Multi State Schedules
  • Primary & Excess Layers
  • Vacant: Commercial & Residential
  • HPR/Non HPR
  • Coastal Locations
  • Habitational & Hospitality

If It Can Be Insured We Can Cover It

Insurance Corner for Business specializes in hard to place accounts. Our appetite for Property can include accounts that are seen as “challenging” by other brokers. We write on both an admitted & non-admitted basis.

All of which would be accounts that do not typically fit within your in-house carriers’ appetites. Contact us to inquire about property insurance options tailor made to fit the needs of your business.

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