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Insuring Houston Hotel & Motel Owners

Hotels and motels operate within very narrow profit margins. They have to be able to keep a wide range of guests safe and comfortable and they experience a very high turnover rate of guests.

The hotel management business combines the narrow profit margins and strict service expectations of restaurants, with all of the risks associated with being a landlord.

Of course, landlords are able to vet their tenants and maintain tenant relationships.



Given the higher turnover rate with hotel and motel insurance, the risks accelerate. Hotels and motels are large and complicated businesses with a lot of staff members, and this makes it even more important to get the right level of coverage. We at Insurance Corner for Business understand these difficulties, and have numerous solutions available for Houston business owners.

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Understanding Hotel & Motel Coverages

Texas hotel insurance will allow hotel and motel management to minimize many of the risks associated with operating the business on a daily basis.

We have a wealth or experience finding coverage for hotel managers and we’re sure to help you find a coverage that matches your needs.

Many of the Hotel/Motel coverage plans we offer provides protection for guests and staff members in addition to the hotel property itself and the overall business.

Comprehensive Insurance Packages

Texas hotel and motel insurance includes coverage for the following;

  • property of guests,
  • hospitality issues,
  • equipment breakdown,
  • business property and liability,
  • and workers’ compensation.

As such, the guests, the workers, and the business owners themselves will have another layer of protection.

If you’re the manager or owner of a Houston area Hotel or Motel that is interested in learning more about various coverage options, contact Insurance Corner for Business at 713-322-6646 or by sending us a message.

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