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Healthy Employees Equal a Healthy Business

As a Houston business owner you’ll want your employees to be as happy as possible so they can be their most productive. One way to keep your employees happy is to provide them with a quality affordable healthcare insurance package.

Employees with excellent health benefits have less financial stress, are healthier, have increased productive output, and maintain excellent attendance.



Need Medical Coverage For Your Employees?

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Healthcare Insurance Protects Investments

Your business should offer medical insurance to avoid any government penalties and to protect your investment in your employees.

If your business has more than 50 full-time employees, it is required by law that you offer at least the minimum-value insurance to your employees.

Get Tax Advantages

Your business can also receive certain tax advantages and tax credits for offering healthcare insurance. A business is allowed to deduct the entire cost of thier employees health insurance as a business expense when filing taxes.

Recruit Top-Notch Talent

Offering health insurance coverage can make your business desirable to highly qualified employees.

For many job seekers, the benefits package is equally or more important than salary. Some professionals will accept a lesser salary for the right benefit package.

 A quality medical insurance plan gives your employees long-term value in your company, leading to low turnover among your employees.

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Running a successful and profitable business, and keeping your employees healthy, go hand in hand. Call us to discuss the various health insurance options we have available for businesses. Call Insurance Corner for Business at 713-322-6646 to get started.

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