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Oil and gas insurance is a specialized area of coverage for the energy sector, which has it’s home in Houston, TX. This form of protection is mainly claims arising out of the production and exploration of oil & gas.

It pertains to both onshore and offshore endeavors due to the potentially hazardous nature of the work, as well as the remote and/or conflicted regions of the world involved. If you’re looking for Oil & Gas coverage options, we ready to help. Call Insurance Corner for Business at 713-322-6646.



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Understanding Oil & Gas Coverage

Oil & Gas coverage is often necessary because the areas in which production of these resources is most abundant can often be situated in regions of civil unrest, war, terrorism, and other threatening activity.

This form of insurance is often mandatory for petroleum companies and/or other related businesses operating in the energy industry and affected areas of the globe. Oil & Gas insurance would provide coverage for all aspects of production, transportation, refining, and exploration within this sector.

What’s Covered

Coverage of this nature would likely include, but may not be limited to, provisions for events and/or unexpected losses such as:

  • General Liability
  • Pollution Liability & Clean-up
  • Control and/or Maintenance of Gas & Oil Wells
  • Crime (e.g. Kidnap & Ransom, Terrorism, War-related, etc.)
  • Property and Inland Marine Damages
  • Auto, Rigs, & Equipment
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Fuel Haulers/Distributors
  • Fuel Refineries/Oil Riggs
  • Gas Stations
  • Oil Jobbers
  • Pollution Liability
  • Storage Tanks – UST’s/AST’s
  • Liquid Propane Gas Facilities

If you own or operate a business and/or company in the petroleum or energy industry, and you’re looking for an Oil & Gas policy to suit the needs of your business, contact Insurance Corner for Business for more information by calling our office direct, at 713-322-6646.

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