Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance for Professionals

Professional liability insurance (PLI) is a form of protection that helps safeguard service and/or advice oriented companies and individuals from bearing the full expense of legal action(s) taken by a client, and any damages awarded as a result of such legal actions.

This type of coverage may also be referred to as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) or Errors & Omissions (E&O), and may be a required to do business with many of the firms and corporations in the Houston area.



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Why Professional Liability Insurance?

Houston Professional Liability Insurance for BusinessThis form of protection is focused on the financial loss caused by, error or omission in, and/or alleged failure to perform on the part of the product or service sold and/or provided by the policyholder.

PLI protects policyholders from causes of legal action that would not be covered via a more general or umbrella policy. Moreover, this type of coverage could also stipulate provisions for legal costs, particularly in circumstances where legal action is found to be baseless.

It’s important to note that PLI won’t cover criminal matters, nor many other potential civil liabilities that aren’t specified in the policy, but could be subject to other forms of insurance.

Income & Extra Expense

This type of policy protects business income. Losses due to slowdowns, operation suspensions, lost income due to restoration & recovery are covered.

Accounts Receivable

Often referred to as credit insurance, AR insurance covers losses related to failures of it’s customers to pay debts and/or satisfy credit accounts.


Generally used by contractors, Surety, Fidelity, Permit, License & other bonds guarantee protection, and are often required by law.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This type of business policy provides protection from financial losses caused by situations involving malfunctioning equipment.

Workers Comp

This type of coverage protects your employees should they suffer a bodily injury on the job. Also, some businesses are requires to carry such a policy.

Building & Structures

Structural insurance covers the building, it’s contents, materials, equipment, supplies, additions, and new construction with 1000 feet of the premise.

Personal Property in Transit

Coverage for business related property being transported by vehicle, common or contract carrier, mail, and that may be in storage.

Employee Dishonesty

Cover potential losses caused by dishonest employees. Policies are available for theft of monies, securities, and other property.


Have vehicles on the road? Commercial policies are available for bodily injury, property and cargo. Click here to learn more.

General Liability

Protects your business from losses resulting from injuries or property damages which may occur during normal business operations.

Who Needs Professional Liability Coverage?

Some form of professional liability policy is often mandated for certain kinds of professions, a few of which, we’ve listed below.

  • Hospitals, Physicians, Business involved in Medicine & Healthcare
  • Private Investigators, Law Firms, Legal Services Businesses
  • General Contractors & Carpenters
  • Construction Companies
  • Engineers & Architectural Firms
  • Real Estate Brokers

PLI May Be Required In The Private Sector

Professional liability insurance can also be required by other companies and/or professionals that are deemed the beneficiaries of the service, advice, and/or product rendered.

In fact, some businesses and corporate legal departments won’t consider entering into a contract with a vendor company that lacks into insurance coverage to protect their interests while in the care of your company.

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