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Protect Your Business With The Right Coverage

When it comes to getting having the right insurance for the business or workplace, knowing the right place to look for an answer can be as important as the answer itself. At HoustonOnlineInsurance.com we take into account where you are now, and what you envision down the road, then we’ll make sure that you have the security, protection and peace of mind you’ll need to focus on what’s most important; the future of your business.

Our Insurance Brokers Work For You

When a Houston business owner comes to us in need of coverage for the protection of their business we get the message; they could have went to any insurance carrier, but came to us in search of favorable rates. Our team of experienced Houston insurance brokers will do the necessary leg work of traversing the landscape of the insurance market to find the policy that meets your needs & price point.

Income & Extra Expense

This type of policy protects business income. Losses due to slowdowns, operation suspensions, lost income due to restoration & recovery are covered.

Accounts Receivable

Often referred to as credit insurance, AR insurance covers losses related to failures of it’s customers to pay debts and/or satisfy credit accounts.


Generally used by contractors, Surety, Fidelity, Permit, License and other bonds generally guarantee protection, and often required by law.

Workers Comp

This type of coverage protects your employees should they suffer a bodily injury on the job. Also, some businesses are requires to carry such a policy.

Building & Structures

Structural insurance covers the building, it’s contents, materials, equipment, supplies, additions, and new construction with 1000 feet of the premise.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This type of business policy provides protection from financial losses caused by situations involving malfunctioning equipment.

General Liability

Protects your business from losses resulting from injuries or property damages which may occur during normal business operations.

Personal Property in Transit

Coverage for business related property being transported by vehicle, common or contract carrier, mail, and that may be in storage.

Employee Dishonesty

Coverage for potential losses caused by dishonest employees. Insurance coverage policies are available for theft of monies, securities, and other property.

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability coverage protects your business against losses resulting from mistakes, errors and omissions to customer interests and materials. This form of insurances provides protection against actual or alleged errors. Various policies are available for small & large businesses.


Whether it’s a large fleet of delivery trucks or a few executive limousines; it’s critical to have adequate auto coverage for your business. After all, the more vehicles you have on the road, the more property & lives you’re potentially liable for. Commercial auto insurance offers protection for bodily injury, property and cargo.

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